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Posts Harry and Ron were scared about Hermione. They found her sulking in the common room in front of the fireplace. Unfortunately, she noticed that her first thought was of her failure earlier that day. Her thoughts on the issue were diverted when she noticed a warm, wet feeling in the bed. She threw off her blanket, and noticed that for the first time in many years, she had wet the bed. Hermione stared in shock at her wet patch. Tears were falling from her eyes, and she had no idea what to do. Fortunately, her common sense returned to her, and she did a series of quick spells to clean the wet patch on her pants and the bed. She also got rid of the urine smell in the air. Even though she cleaned her pants and underwear, she still felt it necessary to change into a new outfit.

Why Harry Picked Ginny, Rather Than Hermione, As A Romantic Partner

Snippets of Rowling’s interview with Emma Watson, who plays Hermione in the film versions of the bestselling Harry Potter books, were leaked last week, leaving fans in turmoil over the author’s comments that she “wrote the Hermione-Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfilment”, and that “for reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron”.

In her complete interview, which Watson conducted for Wonderland magazine and which fan site Mugglenet has posted online in full , Rowling did admit that “in some ways Hermione and Harry are a better fit”, and that “Hermione’s always there for Harry”. But, while committing what she called “Potter heresy” and saying that Hermione and Ron’s pairing was “a young relationship. I think the attraction itself is plausible but the combative side of it … I’m not sure you could have got over that in an adult relationship, there was too much fundamental incompatibility”, Rowling ended up deciding that the duo would probably have made it.

I wonder what happens at wizard marriage counselling? They’ll probably be fine.

Ron/Hermione refers to the romantic pairing of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter fandom. The pairing is perhaps best know as one side of the fandom’s epic shipwar that occurred while the fandom was still open and relatively young.

I understand that many Romione shippers may not find this enjoyable, but please keep an open mind. I intended this fanfiction to be enjoyable to both Romione and Rarry shippers, and is more of an exploration of why Ron is such a lovable character. I hope you enjoy it. Hermione and Harry, who were sat in chairs on opposite sides of him, looked up. The three of them were just in front of the fire in the Gryffindor Common Room.

It was the Christmas holidays, and the common-room was predictably deserted. Occasionally, Harry would remind her that, unlike her, he slept in the same room as Ron. Hermione could practically feel the smugness emanating from him as she peered at him over her book on advanced Transfiguration. Hermione had been in love with Ron for several years. Unfortunately, the first person to notice had been Harry, who had wasted no time in telling her that they were now romantic rivals.

Hermione cared about Harry a lot, but she was still upset that her other best friend was in love with the same person as she was.

Hermione Granger

I take no credit for them. I got them from images created by Pompeybabe, who said that she got the facts from ronhermioneotp. Ron always keeps the deluminator in his pocket. He knows that Hermione will always be able to call upon him. It became a habit. Krum asked Hermione to the Yule Ball three times before she said yes.

Why Harry Picked Ginny, Rather Than Hermione, As A Romantic Partner An Analysis of Sexual Attraction and Humour By Gowdie. Introduction. Harry Potter has had the benefit of an excellent female.

Ron and hermione hook up fanfiction Chapter 26 Vengeance came calling The only problem is Hermione has only been paired with him and Draco Malfoy. Also, I’ve never been allowed to properly tend to any of the wounds I’ve received from those beatings, so my body’s probably heavily infected in multiple bermione right now. Then again I would never have written yamidigital.

He serves his time and rebuilds his life away from the magical world. It was seventh year, after the defeat of Voldemort. My version of what happened next. Changes that lead to a different life and future to the canon fifth year.

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I really hope no one is paying you to churn out such second-rate analysis. By this logic, one can justify any couple under the sun. He is impulsive, brave, insecure, loyal, jealous, caring and astonishingly bright at times. It is one of her most interesting flaws. Were you a soothsayer back in Ancient Egypt? He was annoyed by her, and felt dwarfed by her intelligence, is all.

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. First letter Harry gets before school starts and all Hermione can talk about is Ron. Ron’s holiday, Ron’s letter, Ron’s phone call. Oooh, look at them having ice creams together at Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour Yeah, right they were looking for Harry.

I do not think there is any other woman for Ron Weasley and there certainly is not any other man for Hermione Granger. It has always been obvious to me that they want and love each other. However, I think the most important thing to happen to their relationship and a major reason why they got so close by the beginning of Deathly Hallows is Lavender Brown. She was a catalyst for Hermione to admit her feelings.

Similarly, Lavender also made Ron figure out what he wanted in a woman. He has always wanted Hermione but he never knew what she thought of him; in his eyes, Hermione wanted a bloke more like Harry. Therefore, when he noticed that Lavender was interested, he took her as a comfort. However, he quickly learned that he needed more than a girl who would simply worship him and snog him. He needed substance and someone who could push him.

Partners and Friends: The Evolving Relationship Between Harry and Hermione

I know this is silly. Hermione has so much more to offer the world than who she ends up with, and talking about this failing the Bechdel test on every level. But I love the books. And sometimes, even though things are absolutely absurd to hash out , you have to go a little HAM and convince yourself that yes, they matter. Because this is our childhood Rowling is messing with. She should leave well enough alone.

Ron and Hermione’s First Kiss There’s so much to love about this kiss. There’s the fact that we all had to wait for so long to get here, through all those years of bickering and dating other.

She learned, at the age of eleven, that she was a witch and had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hermione began attending the school on September 1 when she was eleven, almost twelve, and was sorted into Gryffindore house First Year At Hogwarts Edit Hermione was a couple of weeks away from turning twelve when she boarded the Hogwarts Express in , where she met Harry Potter and Ron Weasley while helping Neville Longbottom find his pet toad, Trevor.

Hermione demonstrated a knowledge and talent with magic beyond most of those her age, despite having only recently discovered that she was a Muggle-born witch. She wished to be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw, Hermione in potions clas, and her wish was granted considering she did get sorted into Gryffindor. She soon proved to be the best in all her classes, eager to please the professors and to help others learn, albeit in a bossy way that made it difficult for her to make friends.

Hermione attached herself to Harry and Ron, following them around and trying to prevent them from breaking school rules and getting into trouble. On one night, she followed them as they were leaving Gryffindor Tower to duel Draco Malfoy. They were chased by Argus Filch into the third floor corridor — forbidden to students — where they came face-to-face with Fluffy, a three-headed dog belonging to Hagrid.

Later on, she argued that her spying was to their benefit when she pointed out the dog had been standing on a trap door, which Harry and Ron had not noticed. The friendship between the three was solidified when, on Halloween in , the three were forced to confront a mountain troll. Unaware that a troll was on the loose in the school, Hermione had spent that day crying in the girls’ bathroom after overhearing Ron making unkind comments about her.

17 times JK Rowling shocked Harry Potter fans

Anything for you katie fox Harry potter hermione naked – Hermione Goes Nude? Ginny fought off the case of the snickers that was threatening. You and I both admitted to loving Harry. He admitted to loving the both of us. You and I haven’t discussed how we’re going to deal with the joint custody of this gorgeous wizard, though. Ginny looked thoughtfully at his robes just below where nubile girls fucking waist would be.

Harry and Hermione have been dating for a while now, and Harry grows bored, wondering if they’re meant for each other after all. He breaks up with Hermione, and even though she tries to move on with her life and date other people, she is still in love with him.

SocialGraceful After the war, Ron and Hermione finally go on their first official date. It had been three months after the death of Lord Voldemort and she was enjoying the relaxation. She had been called in to testify against a few Death Eaters but other than that, she had just been lounging about. She had gone to Australia to find her parents relaxing on the beach while Crookshanks chased all manner of aquatic life.

Once she lifted the memory charm and brought them back home, things were getting back to normal. Actually, things weren’t going to be normal, they would never go back to normal.

Hermione Granger

Previous The reunion was ending tonight. Tomorrow morning everyone would start packing up and leave. Weasley decided on one last dinner together at seven o’clock. It was now 6: She couldn’t find Angie anywhere.

Fanfic / The Power Of Seven Coitus Interruptus: Ron walks in on Harry and Hermione. knows that Harry is currently having sex with at least Ginny and Hermione already as he expresses interest in Katie’s dating life and continues to flirt with Susan.

This is one half of a dueling column. Harry and Hermione getting together is something that several fans thought should and would happen as the Harry Potter stories developed so many years ago, and rightfully so. While some people claim that the leading man getting with the leading lady is stereotypical and boring, we think that in the case of Harry Potter it just makes sense. In Goblet of Fire Viktor Krum found himself so jealous of Harry that he instigated a private conversation with the man himself, which surprised Harry since the older Quidditch star considered him a rival.

Over the seven years, Hermione was consistently impressed with what Harry had to offer in terms of intelligence and bravery. Several times in the novels Hermione told Harry how much she admired him.

What If Hermione Chose Harry?

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