I chose practice-led research as my research method because I was not familiar with the industrial production and constructions of clipped designs. By creative practicing I gained a deeper under-standing and new insights into the technique of floating and clipping. The creation of an idea port-folio by using various sketching methods and the development of the designs for production, represent an instrument in this research. In this study, creative activity meets theoretical background. The idea portfolio supports the dialogue between the designer and the technician in a design case in collaboration with the Italian weaving mill Lodetex. A little bit of luck contributed to the final outcome of this study as well. At an early point of my study, I wanted to discuss the material and col-our design of woven textiles. I considered various ways on how to approach the subject from a fresh and meaningful point of view. In the beginning of the spring of , I spent three months on an internship at the Italian weaving mill Lodetex.

A Brief History of Afghanistan

One month after the death of Bobby — who passed away on January 13 after a long battle with with cancer — Zarin spoke to Us Weekly about how she was coping with the Topical videos. Zarin shares Ally with ex- husband Steven Shapiro. Zarin shares Ally with ex-husband Steven Shapiro. One month after the death of Bobby — who passed away on January 13 after a long battle with with cancer — Zarin spoke to Us Weekly about how she was coping with the loss of her husband of almost 18 years.

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Citadel of Herat Excavations of prehistoric sites by Louis Dupree and others suggest that humans were living in what is now Afghanistan at least 50, years ago, and that farming communities in the area were among the earliest in the world. An important site of early historical activities, many believe that Afghanistan compares to Egypt in terms of the historical value of its archaeological sites.

It has been home to various peoples through the ages, among them the ancient Iranian peoples who established the dominant role of Indo-Iranian languages in the region. At multiple points, the land has been incorporated within large regional empires, among them the Achaemenid Empire , the Macedonian Empire , the Indian Maurya Empire , and the Islamic Empire. Pre-Islamic period of Afghanistan Bilingual Greek and Aramaic edict by Emperor Ashoka from the 3rd century BCE discovered in the southern city of Kandahar Archaeological exploration done in the 20th century suggests that the geographical area of Afghanistan has been closely connected by culture and trade with its neighbors to the east, west, and north.

Artifacts typical of the Paleolithic , Mesolithic , Neolithic , Bronze , and Iron ages have been found in Afghanistan. Urban civilization is believed to have begun as early as BCE, and the early city of Mundigak near Kandahar in the south of the country may have been a colony of the nearby Indus Valley Civilization. More recent findings established that the Indus Valley Civilisation stretched up towards modern-day Afghanistan, making the ancient civilisation today part of Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

MH370: How the conspiracy theories stack up as more debris found on Reunion Island

Native American tribes would use every part of the bison. Their bones would become shovels, their bladders would turn into medicine bags. Montana, home to many of these tribes, is still one of the top producers and consumers of bison meat in the United States. Plenty of other Montana restaurants offer bison entrees, ranging from burgers to lasagna.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A Russian newspaper has claimed that Flight MH was hijacked by “unknown terrorists” and flown to Afghanistan, where the crew and passengers are now being held hostage. The extraordinary comments, attributed to a Russian intelligence source, appeared in the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

The source told the paper: Here is our round up of the top 13 conspiracy theories so far. According to The Daily Star, Moskovsky Komsomolets also claims the passengers have been divided into seven groups and are living in mud huts with almost no food. Twenty Asian passengers were said to have been smuggled into a bunker in Pakistan. An intelligence source claims the aircraft is close to Kandahar. This image shows armoured vehicles in the region Image: The news, perhaps unsurprisingly, has not been confirmed by authorities either in Malaysia or China.

It had passengers and 12 crew on board, triggering a multinational search that is now focused on the Indian Ocean.


History of Afghanistan Excavations of prehistoric sites by archaeologists such as Louis Dupree and others suggest that the region around Kandahar is one of the oldest human settlements known so far. Early peasant farming villages came into existence in Afghanistan ca. Deh Morasi Ghundai, the first prehistoric site to be excavated in Afghanistan, lies 27 km 17 mi. Another Bronze Age village mound site with multiroomed mud-brick buildings dating from the same period sits nearby at Said Qala J.

Bronze Age pottery , copper and bronze horse trappings and stone seals were found in the lowermost levels in the nearby cave called Shamshir Ghar Dupree, In the Seistan , southwest of these Kandahar sites, two teams of American archaeologists discovered sites relating to the 2nd millennium B.

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Wearing a Burqa — ‘Sometimes I Even Liked It’

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I felt the heat. I knew I had lost my legs. As I somersaulted through the air, I watched my legs fly off. Taylor and Danielle attend an event at the White House for veterans during the summer Romance: Taylor and Danielle hold hands as he continues to make progress after being injured in Afghanistan earlier this year Taylor landed back in the blast crater, but despite the horrific injuries he had sustained, he remained conscious and did not go into shock.

Even though the year-old was bleeding profusely from all four severed limbs, he called to the oncoming medics to stay away from the site of the blast so as not to put them in danger in case there were other mines around. The area around the injured man was finally cleared by the second EOD specialist, and the medic finally administered combat casualty care. Morris remained alert throughout the whole ordeal. Taylor Morris with a colleague during his tour of duty in Afghanistan Brave:

Daily Life

Location map Afghanistan Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a mountainous, landlocked country in South-Central Asia at an important geopolitical location, it connects the Middle East with Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. It is bordered by Iran , Pakistan , Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , and Uzbekistan , it has a short border in the Wakhan Corridor panhandle with Xinjiang, an autonomous region of China.

Afghanistan has a population of The highest point in the country is Mount Noshaq 7, m, in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

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