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If you find this site useful and want to make a small donation to support its maintenance and expansion, then please use button below. Singer Tables, Cabinets and Cases Since the beginning of sewing machines they have been mounted in a variety of wooden tables and cabinets, or into portable cases. This page is a guide to some of the Singer woodwork that has been produced over the years. When the first Singer Model A was introduced, its packing case doubled as a table upon which it was mounted. Most early full size machines were normally operated by treadle mechanisms. The machines were therefore set on wooden tables mounted onto cast iron treadle stands or into cabinets which included the treadle. To distinguish between the variety of table or cabinet styles, and also the different wood finishes available, a 5 letter Ref Code was introduced.

Best Singer Sewing Machine Review And Comparison in 2018

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Sun, 26 Nov Singer Models We seem to have a lot of new readers so I will repeat some info I have posted in the past. Penny also lists a slide plate in her catalog for a Singer model , but probably won’t fit a Model 28 – a model is a full size oscillating shuttle machine. Both are drop in bobbin oscillating hook machines. The was manufactured from and was manufactured from The was manufactured from and the was manufactured from according to the Sewing Machine Blue Book.

The reason for two sub-models – the early ones did not reverse while the later ones did. Some model 99’s are refered to as model 99K, The K following the model number simply denotes the country of manufacture, in this case Great Britain.

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The Singer Model 66 is very common in Great Britain. The following chart is provided to help you have a better idea of when your Singer Featherweight was sewing on a Featherweight. Your machine truly is a Featherweight, but the records were lost or rcn radio ibague online dating accurately recorded at the old Singer factories. Has my singer featherweight sewing machine dating run out of here. Model 66 Oscillating Hook The Model 66 was introduced in with production continuing to the ‘s.

Toys; Toy Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification.

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Roaring Twenties

The Singer Centenary Badge In Singer’s celebrated years in the sewing business by producing a special badge. For 12 months they put it on all their singer sewing machines. It is unique and I thought it may be a good idea to give you a potted history of Singer’s most popular models for the first years.

The following chart is provided to help you have a better idea of when your Singer Featherweight was sewing on a Featherweight. Your machine truly is a Featherweight, but the records were lost or rcn radio ibague online dating accurately recorded at the old Singer factories.

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And some Singer machines are more saught-after than others! Here’s an article listing the Top 5 Best Vintage Singer Models , and many people who collect and sew with vintage Singer machines do love and seek out these particular models. See several photos and read even more here. If your sewing machine looks a lot like these machines but has an off brand name, chances are you have a generic or clone machine.

The overall condition of your machine is one of the biggest factors in estimating a value. Be sure to also look closely at the condition of the case or cabinet, including if it is still original to the machine and if it has been refinished or restored. No chips, scratches or dents, no wear or tear, no rust or dust, in top notch running order. Complete with no parts missing.

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There were three machines for sale. A Kenmore something. A newer model Singer and a mystery machine in a “desk. The very nice lady told me that it didn’t work. I insisted on seeing it, which set her aback a bit. The machine had no tension assembly, only the tension stud and check spring were intact.

What is the birthdate of your Singer Featherweight? Dating your machine is quite easy — locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating charts! What is the birthdate of your Singer Featherweight? Dating your machine is quite easy — locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating .

Pfaff , , , , , , , , , , , , Wednesday, May 21, Determining the value of an old sewing machine The second most common question I am asked is “what is this old sewing machine worth? Or sometimes people are looking to buy an old machine. I hope this article helps. Also please note that this article applies only to household type machines. Industrial machines are a whole different ball game. Let me first say that the vast majority of old sewing machines have minimal value.

The sewing machine was one of the most popular products of an industrialized age of mass-production. They were made by the millions in factories all over the world.

Antique Singer Sewing Machines

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I have received a number of emails thanking me from folks who could not figure out why the Singer needles would not stay in their machines. And, I have filled a number of orders for Schmetz needles. I told you that Schmetz needles were a ‘high quality German made needle”. I just received a new shipment of Schmetz needles and was very distressed to discover that now they are marked ‘Made in India’.

Vintage singer featherweight sewing machine just into our antiques mall from a local retired is a great singer sewing machine with case, pedal, and vintage singer manual.

The 66, 99, , , and 15 both potted and belted. These are the models I find to be most common in my area NYC. The excellent online Singer identification guide from Sandman Collectibles is the current gold standard for identifying vintage Singer machines. It asks you to check off a list of features seen on your machine, narrowing it down until you arrive at the model number. It’s predicated on having the machine in front of you, where you can see everything clearly.

But what if you’re looking at a tiny, dark, poorly shot, grainy, out-of-focus photo on Craigslist or eBay and can’t answer all of the questions asked by the Sandman page? This will help SOME of you please read the caveat at the bottom of this entry to look at a Craigslist photo and figure out if it’s the model you’re looking for or not. In general I don’t look for common technical details like where the tension dial is or what side the light is on; I just look at the overall lines of the machine and a couple of clues that show up no matter how crappy the photo.

Case in point–the other day I clicked on a Craigslist ad saying only “Singer sewing machine” and saw this photo: The photo’s small, dark, shot from a weird angle and shows no detail, but I immediately knew it was a model I later e-mailed the woman and she confirmed it.

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We purchased it at an antique mall in Waynesville, North Carolina on March 1, on our way home after attending classes at John C. Campbell Folk School in that state. We feel fortunate to now have a tan , a tan , and a tan Note that there is no external motor.

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What is the value of a portable Singer sewing machine serial number AB ? Many were made, most are still around. Mine is in excellent shape, still works great and has all the accessories. Vintage sewing machines are valued much like vintage automobiles. Just saying you have a ‘s Singer sewing machine is not enough to establish the value. Several other factors must be considered:. Is it a rusty hulk, or shiny, showroom shape?.

Each manufacturer made sever…al machines for different pocketbooks, just as with autos, the luxury models usually retain their value better than the utility models.. Is your old machine mounted in a treadle base, or was it converted to electrical operation and moved to a portable carrying case? Often, the treadle cabinet is worth more than the machine itself!.

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