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I would have to say a good portions of those 25 years — 15 at least were recorded via the old-fashioned kind of camera. The kind of camera that resulted in boxes and boxes of pictures. I was a working mother for 20 of those 25 years, days came and went and life marched on and those pictures continued to pile up. I always had big ideas, and some of the best intentions but never a plan or quite frankly the time. What do I have to show for those 25 years? I have pictures of my ancestors that I have carefully scanned and catalogued and backed-up and filed. But my own family history, my precious pictures of 25 years of marriage, my children growing up, pictures of some are our most special days are piled in totes, no order, no care, just chaos. I know I am not alone. I also no I needed a plan, one I could fit into my busy schedule.

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Concentrating on professional studio portraits, it is designed to aid the amateur family historian in assessing photographic material from a time when the technology was developing at a phenomenal rate: For the newcomer whose interest is genealogy rather than photography per se it can all be rather confusing. The book is a revised version of Dating Old Photographs , which has been split into two, the second volume covering the early part of the twentieth century.

Improvements came thick and fast, and Pols touches on these and social aspects as photography became widespread and the costs fell. He notes that many studio photographers were unadventurous and tended to follow convention, a reluctance to innovate which can assist the historian to date the photographs they produced.

Family History. Coat of Arms. Military History. Lithuanian History. Shenandoah History. Image Galleries. Map Room. The old towering steaple of the First Methodist Church can be seen on the right. this should aid in dating the image. Click on the pictures above for the full-sized versions.

Printed mount notations such as photographer’s identification and title are fairly reliable, but can still provide false information. Dating by mount type and style provides a rough indicator for identifying images. The caveat is that many photographers, particularly in more remote areas, failed to keep up to photographic fashion and used old mounts until their stocks were exhausted. Also, photographers reprinted historically or commercially important images long after they were originally taken.

Also negatives were often sold or copied and the mount information may not accurately reflect the history of the images. Flanders views of Prescott taken in the Spring of appear on Williscraft mounts in the late s and Continent mounts into the mid s Notations on the mounts can occasionally provide additional information about the image, but should always be verified by other sources before being relied on. Handwritten notations are the most suspect, often being added long after the image was made by persons with only secondary knowledge.

The following information is provided to assist in verifying possible image dates using information based on the type and style of the photographic mount.

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Old UK Photos in high resolution. Since January we have added thousands of additional old photos to the website, including many new pages of places not previously covered. I am constantly updating the website, and continue to hope you enjoy your visit. There are thousands of old photographs on this website – many never before seen.

Publisher: Family History Partnership This book shows readers how to date their old family pictures by recognising the many clues given by the photographic format, presentation of image, photographer, studio setting and the subjects themselves.

Sarah Williams offers tips on dating old photographs Thursday, 12 December Read more blogs from the magazine team We received a Christmas card from the Llewellyn-Bowen family this week, Laurence, his wife and two daughters dressed up in a s jazz style. It made me think of our feature on postcards in our Christmas issue written by photo dating expert Jayne Shrimpton that included a Christmas postcard from her collection. This card, sent from the Sudan in , features a photograph of a soldier inserted into a festive mount.

We associate postcards now with holiday scenes, but in the first half of the 20th century they were also commonly used as mounts for personal photographs. We find some of the most common queries from readers are to do with photo dating. Boxes of old photographs can sometimes come down the family with no indication of who the sitters are. With a date, you can narrow the field of possible suspects and even, sometimes put a name to a face as it stares back at you from the past: Understanding the history to cartes de visite CDV and cabinet cards will also help you narrow down a timeframe.

There are plenty of websites that can guide you. Just as with format, sizes for prints changed over time. Again, look online to find guides on sizes of photographic prints. Many CDVs include the name of the photography studio. Although usually long gone, you may be able to find them listed in directories.

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Its varied habitat and natural features, combined with a history of different cultures, has made Old Homosassa the unique community it is today. The first inhabitants were Native Americans. Archeological research indicates that Citrus County was occupied by pre-historic aboriginal people for 12, years prior to the arrival of Spanish explorers. Although Hernando de Soto explored the area in the 16th century, it was the passage of the Armed Occupation Act of that spurred development.

The act stated that a , acre area south of present-day Gainesville was open for settlement.

This is my family’s history. I have pictures of my ancestors that I have carefully scanned and catalogued and backed-up and filed. But my own family history, my precious pictures of 25 years of marriage, my children growing up, pictures of some are our most special days are piled in totes, no order, no care, just chaos.

It’s a wonderful picture and I am showing it here to enable you readers to see how to analyse your own picture. My technique of using the costume as the main point of reference, may help you to date your own picture to within 5 years. In this example I believe that I have dated this photograph to within one year. To do this can be something of a tall order, because a photograph such as this might take several days of thinking time.

Then after I have mulled over it, several hours of actual close study of the detail. This picture of old Hebburn was kindly sent to me by Norman Dunn who has a website of old photographs he has been collecting for many years. All pictures enlarge on this page and this picture is superb when enlarged. Even at first glance, it is clear that this picture is a superb representation of Edwardian middle class folk, with some working class folk; the key point is that all the people are dressed in the fashions of the day.

The scene suggests they are either waiting for someone special to visit, such as the King or Queen, alternatively, that they are awaiting with serious intent for bad news of some accident, such as a mining or factory disaster. Another possibility is that they are awaiting transport to take them on a trip for the day. If the year was slightly later I might think they were seeing men off to war.

Another point to be aware of is that at least some of the crowd may old fashioned, and behind the times in their dress.

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Share this article Share And it is no wonder – eight years prior, the pair had married in the District of Columbia to evade the Racial Integrity Act of , which banned any white person marrying any non-white person. But when they returned to Virginia, police stormed into their room in the middle of the night and they were arrested. The pair were found guilty of miscegenation in and were each sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for 25 years if they left Virginia. Grey Villet captures Richard and Mildred Loving with their children Peggy, Donald and Sidney in their living room in King and Queen County, Virginia, April They moved back to the District of Columbia, where they began the long legal battle to erase their criminal records – and justify their relationship.

Following vocal support from the Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches, the Lovings won the fight – with the Supreme Court branding Virginia’s anti-miscegenation law unconstitutional in It wrote in its decision:

There is some confusion on what Real Photo Postcards (RPPC) are, and how to differentiate from a printed postcard. Real Photo Postcards are photographs that are reproduced by actually developing them onto photographic paper the size and weight of Postcards, with a Postcard back.

I looked through photograph albums put together by family members years ago, as well as hundreds of individual pictures that have been saved and passed along. All the photographs that I saw were either black and white or sepia; none were in color. Those that were collected into albums were pasted onto black pages, presumably to keep them from fading. Some of the pictures had notations about names, places and dates, although most of them had nothing to identify the people, location or the year they were taken.

The pictures were taken by the old-fashioned black-box cameras that were held at the waist and clicked at the right time to capture the moment. A few, however, were taken long ago by professional photographers. I noticed that most people in the pictures had neutral expressions on their faces. My grandmother, however, had a sad, strained expression on her face as if she were about to cry.

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Genealogy and unidentified photographs seem to go hand in hand! Unfortunately, none of the photographs are labeled. However, there is the distinct possibility some of these men were just friends of the family. Just because the photos were in the Richardson box does not a guarantee all of these men were Richardsons. So, how about you?

Do you have unknown photographs in your closet?

Get this from a library! Dating old photographs. [Robert Pols; Federation of Family History Societies.].

Clark — See all books below and on Amazon here: New April 28, Lessons From The Gibson Girl traces the Gibson Girl as she captured the admiration of both men and women with seductive yet thought-provoking humor in the early 20th century. Even though a century has passed since the provocative, yet comedic art touched millions of readers, many of the problems she tackled are still visible on today’s stage. Lessons also provides a interesting look at the fashions of the early 20th century, ones you may find in old family pictures.

That is actually how the book became an idea, as I was researching 20th century fashions. More than illustrations are historically accurate of the time period, all published in popular magazines and journals of the time. Learn more and browse sample pages.

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Historic Photographs William Cummings has compiled and captioned a number of historic photographs of the local area. He has organized the photographs by geographic area of the County. The goal of these links is to make photographs of the Menominee Iron Range with accurate captions available to the public. Please view the complete list of links to view the photographs and for more information on how you can help reach that goal!

Alyssa – Old family photographs for BBC Radio Scotland, Aberdeen, Scotland Amanda – Wedding photography in London, London, England Amanda – Dating old photographs, Surrey, England.

Unearth your Jewish heritage. Knowing the type of photo can still leave a large time period, but if you know the subject of the photo, your genealogical research should be able to help you narrow that. When was the subject born? Did he live in a city or a small town? What work did he do? Both the men in my photo are young, but one appears to be older than the other, and he has arm slung around his younger brother’s shoulders.

Both are holding cigars. The elder is wearing a watch chain and a pinky ring. Sadly, the age difference doesn’t help me much. Michael was seven years older than Peter, who was seven years older than Timothy.

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